Photo ID

I joined the Berowra RSL this week and I had to go into the club to have my photo ID finalised. They printed up my card with my picture on it and I was told that I had to get the cashier to “activate” it. I went downstairs and put the card in the machine and up came my details—“Vera Tompkinson”. The cashier looked at me and said “you don’t look like Vera Tomkinson”. So I went upstairs again and we repeated the whole process. I presented my new card to the cashier and … “Vera Tompkinson”. The cashier shook his head and said that he didn’t know what to do because the computers in the club refused to recognise who I was.

As I was walking away from the club without my membership card (they are going to post it to me) I thought how glad I am that I am not just a number or a string of digital information to my Lord. I am glad that He knows me by name. It is a good thing that when we pray the Lord does not turn around and say “Yes Vera, how can I help you?” Your Lord knows you, He understands your every need and is aware of every circumstance that you face today. Don’t be afraid to trust in Him, don’t be afraid to call out to Him day by day, for He knows you and loves you. So even if your name is Vera, have a great day!


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