Free indeed

I was looking through some old photographs this week and I came across one which showed my family and our little dog enjoying a picnic at Palm Beach. The dog was tied up to the back of our car and we were enjoying the beauty of the day. When it came time to leave we picked up all our belongings, loaded them into the boot of the car, closed the doors, and drove off. The only problem was that that the dog was still attached to the car!

At first I am sure that it wasn’t a problem but as the car accelerated, the dog’s legs had to move faster and faster. Thankfully, after about 500 metres, my father saw the dog out of his rear-view mirror, huffing, puffing and running like crazy! He stopped the car, untied the dog and it took about 30 minutes for its heart-rate to drop to normal. The dog never liked us tying him up to the car again! Some days our lives feel just like the dog tied to the rear of the accelerating car. We are tied to something that is moving faster than we can cope with, and we feel like it is only a matter of time till we fall. Our lives seem “out of control” and anything but refreshed and free. We need someone to slow things down and release us from our chains.

The Lord Jesus has done just this in my life. He has broken the chains to those things which bound me and He has picked me up and set me free.

John 8:36 “Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.”


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