Getting plugged in

Last week I was involved in an outdoors video shoot for a project we have just commenced. On the technical side of things we needed to have access to a portable power source and so we purchased a piece of equipment that we thought would do the job. The problem was that when we put it all together things worked OK but the device just couldn’t provide us with the power we needed. We could run half the equipment but not all of it. We had to tip-toe our way through the day trying not to overload the inverter.

So this week I had a few technical things that I needed to fix up but for me, the most important one was ensuring that I identified and connected to a greater source of power. I needed something that was up to the task and would not let us down.

What power source are you connected to? Is it something greater than yourself or are you just surviving on what remains in your batteries? Maybe you rely on other people, but are they really capable to provide all the support, all the assistance and all the encouragement that we need to get through our lives?

What we need is a strong, consistent and easy to access power source. A power source that has been present ever since the beginning and has never failed and never suffered a black-out!

That power source is the Lord Jesus Christ—are you plugged in?


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