I have a couple of habits which occasionally cause me problems. One of them is with the telephone on my desk. I receive a lot of calls and every time I finish a call I put the phone down but as I do, I turn the phone over and thus twist the cord one turn. For a couple of days this is not such a problem but at least once a week I go to pick up the phone and it is all tangled and I struggle to get it untangled to answer the call. There have even been a couple of occasions where I have picked up the hopelessly tangled handset and hit myself in the face with the base of the phone as it has lifted off my desk! Now it is very difficult to maintain any sense of decorum when you have to wrestle with the handset for 15 seconds before you can say “Hello!”

This is a small fault but it leads to a bigger problem. Often we can have the “big things” in control but it is the “little things” which can get out of hand.

Sometimes people believe that as long as they get the big things right they will be OK with God. “I’ve never murdered anyone, I haven’t robbed a bank, I am a pretty ‘Good’ person – I should be OK”

But we need to remember that the “little things” count as well.

“For whoever shall keep the whole law, and yet stumble in one point, he is guilty of all.” James 2:10


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