Working with Dad

“Dad, can I have a turn of the jig saw?” My six year old looked up at me with a hopeful look whilst I was standing on top of the ladder putting the final touches on the roof of the tree house that we, me and my four kids, had been building. “No, you can’t really at the moment” I said, He dropped his gaze and looked disappointed.

From the beginning of the project there had been intense competition over who would do which part of the job. Each of my kids wanted to mix the concrete, hammer the nails, cut the wood and paint the walls but often only one could help at a time. Also there were some jobs which some could do and others couldn’t. So I became the permission giver as every little job became an opportunity to be involved.

They acted like this for a few reasons: They wanted to place their own mark on the backyard; they wanted to be close to and work with me; they wanted to grow in their level of responsibility.As a good father I had to be careful to guide and lead them without holding them back or crushing their hopes.

Our Lord is a caring Father who wants to work with you; He knows what is best for you and gently guides you through your life and leads you to Himself. The tragedy is that many have ceased to invite Him to be a part of their lives.

When was the last time you worked with the Father?


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