I had the opportunity to have lunch the other day at my favourite Italian Restaurant. I had an awesome meal and a great time enjoying the atmosphere, not having to rush off to my next appointment. On my way home the thought came to me of how well I had eaten and how enjoyable such a simple thing can be.But what did I really enjoy? What were my senses celebrating?

It started with my sense of sight. I didn’t know which restaurant I was being taken to so as soon as we arrived I was pleased. It looks great, traditional Italian decor and a great ambiance but there was more to enjoy. Just as we were about to enter, I could hear the music playing and the sounds of happy conversation from inside, my sense of hearing was engaged.

I didn’t stop at the door: I walked inside and then enjoyment really kicked in. My sense of smell took over as the aroma of pasta, sauces and freshly cooked bread caused my mouth to water in anticipation. As I sat at the table the touch of the tablecloth, cutlery and all the trimmings almost completed the experience – but, of course, the real pinnacle came with my final sense when I received my meal and enjoyed each and every mouthful. Just like this restaurant meal let’s never limit our experience or enjoyment of God to just our other senses – it is time for a real taste. “Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good; Blessed is the man who trusts in Him! “Psa 34:8


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