I didn’t feel it at first and I have no idea how long it had been there but then the discomfort started and I started to react. At first it was only a little uncomfortable but as soon as I touched it the aggravation grew more intense.

I had the dubious privilege of having the first bush tick of the season. So we grabbed the tweezers and tried to break the tick’s hold but it didn’t want to come out. We knew that ticks are dangerous, you can’t leave them in and you must be careful how you pull them out. If left or removed incorrectly they will cause infection, fever and have a significant impact upon you. So out came the metho and soon, out came the tick.

It is amazing how such a little thing can make such a big impact and be such a negative influence within our lives. It is incredible how determined and how firmly a tick will attach itself to you, never being willing to let you go.

I have found that sin is exactly like a tick; at first you hardly notice its presence but soon you become aware that something is not right. By the time you realise what it is, you need something that will be able to remove it effectively because it has become firmly entrenched within your life. The Bible provides the one answer, His name is Jesus…

“And you know that He was manifested to take away our sins, and in Him there is no sin.”

1 John 3:5


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