The special deal

I went to see a World Cup Rugby match the other day and joined the thousands of screaming fans as we really got into the atmosphere of the game. I enjoyed the Mexican wave, listened to the creative barracking and ate as much junk food as I could in the time allotted.


It seemed that everyone was happy except for one man that I saw. There was this “special deal” available, you could buy one glass of beer for $5.00 or you could get the deal of 4 for $15.00. All around me people were carrying these flimsy cardboard trays with 4 large glasses of beer but the sad and sorry man I came across had just tripped up the stairs and dropped his four glasses on the floor.

I could see in his eyes that the thought of taking off his tee-shirt, sopping up the amber fluid and wringing it back into the glasses was crossing his mind. I could also see him making the mental calculation of just how much this round of drinks was actually going to cost him. The poor guy was really depressed and I am sure that this was the story that he was going to remember from this particular game. Sometimes things don’t always go well and sometimes small things can have a lasting impact upon us. We need to make sure that the things we are reacting to, and the things that remain within us, are really important. Instead of crying over spilt beer, try “casting all your care upon Him (Jesus), for He cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7


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