I’m sure that it didn’t only happen to me, I can’t remember doing anything bad enough to have particularly deserved it but, it happened.  At exactly 8.17pm lightning struck the phone lines near my office and totally fried my computer.  I went to turn it on the next day and nothing happened.  I tried the (very few) things that I knew I should try but nothing worked, I called an expert and the computer was pronounced “dead on arrival”.  It is amazing what a sudden surge of power can do.  It can interfere with delicate electronic equipment, it can melt resistors and transistors into an unrecognisable mass, it can burn out the wiring of a complete home or if you are standing anywhere near the wrong place it can even kill you. Lightening is an incredible force of nature.  NASA states that lightning moves at 60,000 miles per second! Each bolt has the potential to be as strong as a billion volts with temperatures as high as 54,000 degrees Fahrenheit.  It is not surprising that houses and pieces of equipment are not the same after being struck. When you come into contact with a force so much greater than yourself you are going to experience lasting change.  This is what happens when an individual truly encounters God.  I am not talking about the practice of “religion” or the following of a code of conduct; I am talking about an experience as real as being struck by lightening and just as life changing. This is the type of encounter the Lord wants to have with you – are you willing?


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