Learning to mow

Preparing the way is a very important thing. I remember when I was first learning to mow my father’s lawns how I would just jump right in. I would mow over sticks, rocks and even the dog’s droppings that were lying around the lawn. What would happen of course is a series of awful noises followed by the deployment of various projectiles around the garden. Some were dangerous and some were just disgusting.

After a couple of times of being smacked in the shin with a rock or sprayed up the leg with something unmentionable I realised that a little preparation goes a long way. If I picked up the rocks, moved the sticks and shovelled the poo, it made the path easier, smoother and more pleasant to travel.

We are on a journey that could use some preparation. Life has left its fair share of sticks, rocks and poo in our paths. If we simply try to continue with our lives without attempting to remove these obstacles then we are going to be hindered and hurt as they spin wildly out of control.

One of the most amazing things that I have found about the Lord Jesus is His ability to remove obstacles from my life. He delights to reach inside and help me with those things that need to be changed, addressed or removed. He makes rough places smooth and dark places light; He makes problematic mountains disappear and He lifts me out of valleys of depression and despair; He prepares the way for me to life the life I was destined to have.

Are you prepared for what the Lord has for you?


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