Gift voucher

Do I want the sabre-toothed hand-powered chainsaw or the silky softness of a deluxe sleeping bag liner? These questions and more furrowed my worried brow as I stood in Gowings on my day off.  I had to make a decision because I had a gift voucher burning a hole in my pocket.   

Gift vouchers are great.  It is a gift which you can tailor to meet exactly what you need or want…that is assuming that what you need or want is in the store that you have been given the gift voucher for and that the amount of the gift voucher corresponds to the amount of what you need or want!   

My gift voucher, which I still have in my pocket, allows me to purchase anything in the store up to the value it represents.  The only condition is that I have to redeem it before July 31.  If I don’t cash it in by that date it becomes worthless.   

The Gospel of the Lord Jesus is a gift voucher.  Its worth is inexpressible and its significance, overwhelming.  If you follow its directions this gift voucher can lead you to life and peace, to purpose and fulfilment, to healing and restoration.  This voucher is a gift, at no cost to you but it cost the Son everything He had.  It is yours to redeem, its forgiveness is yours to take hold of but there is one condition – the Gospel has a “use by” date.  

The last chance you have to claim the benefits of the Gospel is the day you leave this earth, the day that you die.  Are you confident that you can predict when that will be?  If not then today is the day to cash your voucher in!


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