Lost and found

Have you ever lost something that simply refuses to be found? Last holidays my wife lost her silver charm bracelet. It wasn’t worth thousands of dollars but it was very valuable in terms of sentiment. During the next 2 days we searched high and low, in and out to find it. We retraced our steps, searched handbags, washing baskets, the vacuum cleaner, the washing machine and we even went through the garbage to see if it was there.

It was somewhere but it just wasn’t where we were looking!

I learned something simple and yet profound from this… “The only place you can find something that’s lost is where it actually is.” This might seem obvious and redundant but think about it. If you are looking for something that you have lost then you will only ever find it where it now is.

People loose things all the time. You read in the paper the list of things people leave on the train…hats, coats, scarfs, umbrellas and even bikes and canoes! For everything that is lost there is someone who is searching. But often people lose things of greater consequence than just things. They loose their peace, their joy and their enjoyment of their lives. People can experience a loss of faith, of hope and often they live a life without the love they once had. But where do you start searching for such things?

We never did find the bracelet but I know where you can look for the more important things in life… “the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost.” Luke 19:10


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