Pay and display

“Pay and display” – a simple enough concept but you have to be prepared; if you are not then there is no way around it.

Many beaches, universities and sporting venues now have a “pay and display” policy for their car parks. The idea is simple; you pay for how many hours you want and you display the ticket so that you will avoid the parking fine. As I said this is simple except when you don’t have the right change. I finally found a great parking space only to walk over to the “pay and display” ticket machine to find that I didn’t have the right currency. I had the $6 required, but I had a $5 note and a $1 coin – of course the machine doesn’t accept notes. My choices were to find someone with the right change, to take a risk and run to get change or, to drive away and come back when I had the right currency.

Hebrews 11:6 says “without faith it is impossible to please God…”

Many people want to come to God on their own terms at their own time but the fact is that the currency the Lord requires is ‘faith’ – and without faith you cannot please Him. People try to ‘fill the meter’ with good deeds, works of religion and strong morals but the truth is that without faith it is like a useless $5 note in your pocket.

We are received and judged based on one thing. Do we have faith in Christ and the work that He has completed for us? Have you got the right change?


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