Computer virus

I didn’t have a high temperature, I didn’t have a runny nose and I wasn’t feeling sick at all.  But the prognosis was clear…I had a virus.

 This was not a virus that could be treated with chicken soup and antibiotics but a virus that had attached itself to my computer.   

My anti-virus software had leaped into action and strangled the beast before it could do what it was designed to do and multiply itself throughout my system and then send itself to unsuspecting members of my email contacts list. 

Viruses are designed to rob you of your personal information (like your credit card number), corrupt important operating files, or in serious cases, completely erase your system.  They arrive unseen and unsolicited; they are the unwelcome companions of subscribing to the “email generation”.   It is important to have some method in place to head off the infection and deal with attacks as they arrive.  

The Bible says that the Devil comes “to steal, and to kill, and to destroy.” (John 10:10) In our lives he is the ultimate computer virus!  He wants to have influence over you and he can because you are part of the generation that has fallen under the power of ‘sin’.    

Thankfully there is an antidote and His name is Jesus.  He alone has the power to stop the work of sin in your life.  If you fail to let Him work then everything you do, everything you touch, will become infected.  Have you invited Jesus to free you from the virus of sin?


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