Snow chains

I didn’t know if I would need them but I knew that had to have them; they are essential for every car that wants to climb the roads leading into the snow covered mountains.  If you forget to grab a set of snow chains then you are running the risk of loosing control even when you are travelling at really low speeds.   

Snow chains are a bit of a pain. They are not all that hard to fit, except that you have to fit them in sub-zero temperatures, they make a strange noise and, their presence can be felt as vibrations travel all the way through your car.  

Snow chains give you control and stop you sliding off of the roads on the precarious heights that you have to pass in order to reach the snowfields.  They break up the thin layers of snow and ice and provide the traction you need to move forward safely.   

Negotiating the pathways of our lives most of the time is fine but when conditions become difficult and dangerous we have to take care.  It is important that we have something in our life that brings stability and protection during harsh and ‘icy’ times.  During my trip to the snow I trusted in my snow chains to slow me down and stop me from falling off of the road. 

What do you have fitted to your life to make you feel secure and safe?   

 “I have also trusted in the LORD;    …I shall not slip.”                    Psalms 26:1 


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