Underestimating God’s help

Things are not always as bad as they seem.  Just like the time when my brother’s friend came running into my mother, yelling that “Stephen’s eye is hanging out!”, actually all that was wrong was that there was a small but significant cut above his eye that was bleeding profusely.  Have you ever had a sleepless night worrying about something that ended up being not so bad after all?  Have you ever hesitated to tell somebody something because you are concerned about what they will think or might say to you? 

Sometimes the things we fear are worse than things really are.  Sometimes we underestimate people’s willingness to accept us or overestimate the problems we are facing.    

In my experience, many people hesitate to seek help on issues because they think either no-one would be interested, or no-one would understand those things they are facing but the opposite is often precisely the truth.   

I want to encourage you that you don’t have to handle all the “stuff” on your own, I am sure that there are people around you who can help.  But I also want to encourage you in the fact that there is a God in heaven who is intimately interested in what is going on in your world.   

Many people hesitate to allow God any room to work in their lives because they are afraid of what He might say.  But as for me and countless others, we have found that Jesus is accepting, loving, forgiving and helpful as we place our lives in His hands.  Why don’t you give Him a try?


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