What’s your top speed?

Top speed 49.9km/hr, trip distance 7.71km, total trip time 18min 25 sec… My new bicycle computer gives me a readout of all these useful pieces of information and more, but doesn’t make the hills any easier to climb!

I reckon that it would be great to have a set of gauges which tell you how your week is going. A gauge for how well you are doing your job, a gauge for how your relationships are travelling, a gauge for how much sleep you really need, and one for when you are allowed to have another chocolate bar!You might incorporate some warning lights as well, things like a light for when you have done something wrong that you don’t know about, or a light for when you are being used and abused by someone, or a light for when you’re running critically low on reserves and need to take a step back.

How do you judge how things are going? Against what or whom do you rate yourself?It seems that if we look around we can always find someone who is not doing as well as us but then I can also always find someone who is doing better (just like the ‘thin’ people that pass me as I ride my bike!).

I had to calibrate my bike computer to give a true reading and my life needs to be calibrated to be in alignment with God. The only true gauge of who we are is what the Lord thinks of us. How does He rate your life?


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