“Do you have a beard or not?”

This is a question I would expect from someone I have never met if I was talking to them on the phone but the person who asked this question didn’t fit into that category.

It is interesting what some people observe and what some people miss. My secretary and my mother seem to suffer from a terrible condition known as “beard blindness”. They meet people, spend hours and hours with them and yet, cannot conclusively say whether or not they are sporting a fashionable goatee (with slightly grey streaks).

How observant are you? Do you pick up on things that are going on around you or does the world just pass you by?

It is possible to get too bogged down with detail but it is also possible to miss large amounts of what really is going on.

Missing the fact that someone has a beard or not might not be that much of an issue but noticing when someone is in need is much more important. What someone is wearing is of little consequence but hearing what they are really saying is one of the most important skills to foster.

When it comes to things of God how observant are you? Many people have blinkers on or allow a “God blindness” to rule them. Being unobservant does not remove that which you cannot see it simply cuts you off from it.

A prayer for all of us should be…“Open my eyes, that I may see wondrous things from You.” Psalms 119:18


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