It’s the little things

Little things can really make a difference. Little things can have a huge impact.

A small match can kindle a fire that will destroy hundreds of homes…a small crack in the fuselage of a plane can render it unfit to fly…a small hole in a bucket is all you need to loose what you are carrying. A small person can impact the world for good (Mother Teresa) or for evil (Adolf Hitler). Small does not necessarily mean insignificant.

We have to be careful to control the small things which have the potential to cause harm. Our tongue is a small thing, and yet very dangerous. The words you speak can bring joy, encouragement and love or else they can bring sorrow, judgement and pain. This little thing that waggles about in our heads is quite a worry. If you can control your tongue then you are strong indeed; your friends and family will feel safe around you. But if you tend to fly off at the mouth then don’t be surprised if people are hesitant to share deeply and meaningfully with you!

When we speak harshly or when we enter into gossip we are using our tongue in a way that can cause irreparable damage and we need to be careful. Harsh words or gossip tend to feel great whilst they are being exchanged but afterwards there is nothing but destruction.

Speaking of the tongue James says …“it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison.” James 3:8

Let’s guard our hearts and hold our tongues!


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