As I walked through the shops the other day I saw Santa.  He was sitting on his throne having his picture taken with a bunch of kids.  I also saw various pictures, models and Christmas scenes which included the merry old elf.  I saw Santa on a motorbike, Santa caught in a tree, Santa at the beach.  

A friend of mine runs an importing business and has the opportunity to bring into the country items that have not been seen before.  His supplier contacted him this week and told him about a unique Christmas decoration – Santa ‘crucified on the cross’! 

I think that there are many good stories related to Christmas, many wonderful traditions which can be followed and enjoyed but I always like to remind myself that in the midst of myths and fables certain aspects are very real.   

I am so thankful that Jesus came at Christmas!I am thankful that He is a gift of hope and life!I am thankful that He lived to show the way!I am thankful that He died to set us free!I am thankful that He rose to prove His power!I am thankful that He still reaches out to me! 

This Christmas I pray that your family is filled with joy and that the message of Jesus makes a real difference in each of your lives.  Enjoy the traditions but don’t miss what is real!   “For there is born to you this day …a Saviour, who is Christ the Lord.” Luke 2:11 


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