Holding your life together

One of my most important tasks of every year happens soon after Christmas.  It has become a ritual that I am now prepared for and, I must admit, I even look forward to.  It is the repairing of the bits and pieces which have broken off of the toys and gadgets my kids have received.  When you are sticking bits of plastic, wood and metal together, the one thing you must remember is that you must have the right glue for the right job.  It is no use at all using wood glue on plastic no matter how much you use.  Superglue is great for plastics but not so good for wood but it does stick your fingers together really well!  If you manage to find the right glue and get the correct adhesion, often the fix is as strong as or stronger than, the original but if there is a gap or you don’t use the right glue then things will simply come unstuck along the way.   

Many times in our lives we have things that go wrong.  Cracks appear and it is as if bits have been broken off.  Sometimes we want to add additions to our lives and they need to be attached securely. Other times we just need stability and support. 

What holds your life together?  Are you using the right glue?  Are you fragmented or disjointed? 

Jesus came to be the glue we need.  He came  “to heal the broken-hearted, To proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind…to proclaim the acceptable year of the LORD.”                                  Luke 4:18-19


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