In 1976 there were 46 registered Elvis Presley impersonators in the
USA.  In the year 2002 there were 48,000. If this trend continues, by 2012 over one third of all people living in
America will be Elvis Impersonators!

Impersonating someone is an interesting skill.  It requires a keen eye and an adaptable attitude, you have to be able to ‘put down’ your natural behaviour and ‘put on’ someone else’s habits, actions and personality.  Impersonation can be used to poke fun at someone but it can also be a real form of flattery.  Many Elvis impersonators do it for fun and a bit of a laugh but most are pretty serious about the task they are undertaking.  

Who do you imitate?  Who do you resemble?Is it someone you work with or a member of your family?  Is it a famous personality or a sporting star?  Is it a good person to imitate or…?  

The problem is, if we pick the wrong person to imitate we end up with a negative outcome.  The abused become abusers, the hated become hateful and the isolated continue to push everyone away.  

The Apostle Paul gave us a good challenge… “Imitate me, just as I also imitate Christ.” 1 Corinthians 11:1  Christ gave us the ultimate model to follow. He was filled with love compassion and a desire to live His life in connection with God. I don’t know who else you might imitate but I suggest that you consider building your life on the solid foundation of Christ.


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