Tastes like…

“It tastes like salty chicken!” This was my verdict after sticking my fork into a small piece of crocodile which was on the left-hand side of my plate.  My mother’s 70th birthday was celebrated in style at a nice restaurant and on the menu was a wide selection of Australian Fauna including the crocodile I have just mentioned.

 Whenever you eat something new and exotic you tend to compare it with something else.  I found that the Emu tasted like silverside, the Kangaroo tasted like strong veal, and the Camel…well it sort of tasted like a bad-tempered horse! 

Trying new things can be a frightening experience.  The first person to ever eat an oyster must have been very brave or very hungry.  The first person to eat a snail was very adventurous or was asleep for a long time with their mouth open.  

Things are different when you have someone who has taste tested before you.  When they say… “this is wonderful”, you are much more inclined to grab a bite.  If you have ever seen someone with that look, which is a mix of enjoyment and satisfaction as they savour a new flavour, then you know that you want some.  

I have tasted something that is really good.  The crocodile, emu and kangaroo weren’t bad but this is so much better. I have met many who would agree with me and say… 

“Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good; Blessed is the man who trusts in Him!”Psalm 34:8 


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