Flat tyres

1 is unlucky, 2 is unfortunate, 4 is unexpected but 9 is unbelievable.  9 is the number of flat tires we had over the last week.   

The first 5 happened on our bikes as we road home from the Western Plains Zoo.  We crossed a patch of the sharpest thorns I have ever seen, instantly the damage was done and the deflation was complete.  The next two happened as we towed our trailer to our next destination – A blow-out at high speed.  This was caused through wear and tear and when we looked at the other side of the trailer…the bands of steel were pointing out and it also was ready to blow.  Numbers 8 & 9 happened after all the bikes had been repaired, after all the thorns had been removed…or so we thought.  But there were little pieces of thorn still stuck in the hard rubber of the tire, so the next time they were ridden the thorns were pushed through and they pierced the inner tubes once again.   

Life can be like this, you are travelling along well and suddenly ‘deflation’ hits you.  It can be caused through sudden and unwelcomed ‘thorns’ or through ‘wear and tear’, as we grow weary along the way.  Sometimes it can be ‘hidden’ issues and residual problems.   

How are you travelling?  Are you full and whole or are you deflated and holed? Jesus is in the business of patching our lives, He delights to breathe upon us and fill us with all we need to complete our journey. 


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