If you do something for a couple of days it could be just a fad or a whim; if you do something for a couple of months, it could be that a habit is forming; if you do something for a year it is probably becoming an obsession; if you do something for a couple of years it has become a discipline but what do you call it if you have been doing something for 20 years?  

This week Narelle and I celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary.   For 2 decades we have been living together and making the constant choice to ‘become one’.  In many ways it doesn’t seem that long but at times I struggle to remember what it was like before we were together.   

To maintain anything over twenty years takes work.  If you don’t service your car for that long, it just won’t function:  The engine will seize and the wheels will fall off.  Unfortunately this is quite a good description of many people’s relationships.  They expect them to flourish and remain healthy even though they do nothing to protect and build upon them.  

The relationships you are in are important, they are more important than the possessions you acquire or the places you visit.  Building on your relationships is the most important thing you can ever do. So in honour of our 20th, will you do me a favour?  Think about the 4 most important relationships in your life and make a plan do something practical over the next week which will help them grow.


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