My hair wasn’t long enough to be braided so I had to opt for the tattoo instead!  I thumbed through the book of designs as the Balinese lady waited for me to choose which one I was going to be decorated with.  It wasn’t a real tattoo, partly because I find my tastes change from year to year but mostly because I am a wimp!  So for the next two weeks I had a spectacular swirly thingy in the middle of my back.    

Many people love tattoos, more and more people have a little one here or there.  Some people have bigger ones here and there; still others seem to have just one big one everywhere! 

A tattoo is a mark which you will wear for the whole of your life, so you want to choose it carefully…it took me long enough to choose one that lasted just two weeks. I am sure that many people have regretted their choice of tattoo.  If you are going to put a mark on your body forever, you want to be comfortable with it.   

The Lord has a tattoo.  He chose it carefully and has never regretted it. “See, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands” Isaiah 49:16   

You are His choice, when ever He looks at the palm of His hand, He sees you.  A tattoo may or may not be what you want, but the mark of the Lord’s touch upon your life is worth lining up for. 


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