The wooden table

It was with great fear and trepidation that I made the first cut…  My friend had just taken delivery of a beautiful table.  Made from antique Indonesian teak, it was very big and very heavy and 9.5cm too tall!  I offered to help fix the problem but I had visions and fears of making a mistake and cutting too much off of one leg.  My mind saw the potential of a very large, short, coffee table as I slowly but surely tried to get it right.

 We measured twice and cut through the 10cm by 10cm legs and without too much drama we managed to get the table set to the right height, ready to use with no wobbles.   

An unstable table is incredibly annoying; at a coffee shop people will always try to fix the problem by placing a wedge under it.  

When life gets unstable people use all sorts of ‘wedges’ to fix their problems.  Some use possessions, food, alcohol, drugs, entertainment or even a change of scenery.  But these are only a wedge, they are not the answer…the answer is stability and balance.


Knowing who you are and maintaining a one to one relationship with the Lord Jesus is the best way I have found to maintain balance and stability in my life. 

 So “…let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful”    Hebrews 10:23  If you have an unstable table or a lack of stability in your life…why not give us a call!


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