An uncomplicated start

I spent 30 minutes with a blissful, uncomplicated life but then everything changed!   I, just like everyone reading this article, spent one half hour as a Zygote – a single celled organism, a fertilized egg. 

 After that first half hour everything begins to become complicated, everything begins to double.  1 cell becomes 2, 2 become 4 and so on.  At every stage of our development it seems that our lives increase in size and complexity.  We are born, we begin walking, we go to school, high school, university, we take a job, we get married, we have kids…and so on.  So often I come across people that have a look on their faces which says “please slow it down…I want to get off!” 

Your life is a complex conglomeration of responsibilities, relationships and your choices of recreation.  Sometimes these elements overlap and impact upon us in the most unhelpful of ways.  I know that every now and then, I crave the safety and simplicity of a ‘single cell’ existence, I want to slow down, cut down and hide away.   

I have found that you need a place to recover and restore.  You need time where you can allow yourself to receive the things you need so that you can continue on the path. I am thankful for my relationship with Jesus; uncomplicated and uncluttered.  If I make myself available, He willingly brings freshness and life to my soul.   

“Come to Me, all you who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28


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