I know that I am slow and I hate to admit it but yesterday, for the first time, I made a bid for something on e-bay.  It is so interesting to scan through the pages and see what people are prepared to pay, sometimes for the most bizarre items.  The whole system is geared towards making you bid $1.00 higher than anyone else.  You see an ‘antique toast rack’ and 41 people who are prepared to pay $75 and the question arises “Are you willing to pay $76?” Some items sky-rocket in price and some remain a real bargain.  But the whole system is built upon the fact that people will pay something for just about anything.   

What do you have of value?  Can you put a price tag on everything you own?  What about your time…Do you have an hourly rate in mind? What about your opportunities, your freedom or your life as a whole?  What would you be worth if you put yourself up for auction on e-bay? How many people would bid?  Would you be a treasured jewel or an item on the throw out table?  Unfortunately many of us fail to see our real value. Your real value is based on what someone is prepared to pay to possess you.  “For you were bought at a price” 1 Cor 6:20  The price that Jesus was prepared to pay was everything He owned, everything He commanded and everything He would ever be.  

That is what He paid for you – and that makes you incredibly valuable!


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