The waiting game

Time seems to travel so slowly when you are waiting.  When you are enjoying yourself, rushing to meet a deadline, or having a holiday it seems that time just flies but how long does a day feel when you are waiting? I don’t like waiting and yet I feel that I have done at least my fair share of it.  I’ve waited for trains (haven’t we all!), I’ve waited at hospitals, I’ve waited to hear about whether I got the job,  and I’ve awaited to purchase something I really, really wanted.     

There is only one type of waiting that I have found to be beneficial.  It is not a static, boring task but an opportunity and a learning experience that actually helps me in my daily life.  It is the time I spend each day as I ‘wait on the Lord’.   

“Wait on the LORD; Be of good courage, And He shall strengthen your heart; Wait, I say, on the LORD!”                             Psalms 27:14   

People use many different names for prayer but it is the person we are communicating with, not the name or format of the activity that is important.  For me, prayer involves a two-way relationship where I speak to God and He speaks to me.  I don’t hear an audible voice but as I ‘wait’ on Him, He speaks to my heart and mind and fills me with His love, hope and life.  That kind of waiting makes a difference!  That kind of waiting is worth lining up for.  Don’t wait too long till you take the opportunity to wait on Him!


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