Last week you would have read about the large hole that suddenly appeared right under a block of apartments in Lane Cove.  Ten metres wide, it opened up like a huge mouth and I watched someone’s lounge room fall right into it.  

I am sure that: there will be lots of reports written; lots of possible causes given; people might loose their jobs; and I am certain that a large insurance claim will be made but one simple fact remains. The foundations of this block of flats were eroded and eventually they disappeared altogether.  

Foundations are something that we tend to take for granted.  Whether they are for a building or for an organisation you only tend to think of the foundations when you are starting out.  But this recent event made me think about the state of my personal foundations.  

Erosion happens when something unseen and unwanted eats away at a strength that supports your life.  It is so important to have strong foundations: honesty; loyalty; love; and spirituality are some of the important foundations we should have in place.  But I have found that this world seems to have a way of undermining these things, washing them completely away.  This is when we fall, part of our world collapses and we are left with a huge mess to clean up.  

Why don’t you ask the Lord to help you check out the foundations in your life? “Whoever listens to me will dwell safely, and will be secure, without fear of evil.” Proverbs 1:33 


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