The iPod

Last year I bought myself an iPod and joined the generation of people who walk around in their own little worlds, occasionally blurting out snatches of songs just like we were suffering tourette syndrome!     

For the uninitiated, an iPod is a small device which stores and plays any audio file you can think of.   The amazing thing about these little gadgets is just how many songs they will hold.  My device has 3771 songs loaded and ready to go.  This is enough music for me to sit and listen for 13 days straight!  

The choice you have is that you can fit even more songs on your iPod if you choose a lower quality of recording.  There is a sliding scale, and with each step the quality goes down but the overall capacity increases.  The problem is that you may, in fact, have every CD you ever owned loaded up but the quality is crackly and gives you a headache.  You have to work out where to draw the line and what you are happy to settle for.   

I think that people’s lives are beginning to reflect ipods…people have the capacity to fit so much in and then they squeeze hard and fit a little more.  The problem is, if we do this, every part of our life becomes ‘compressed’ and its quality quickly disappears.   

Jesus said “I have come that they may have life more abundantly.”  This doesn’t mean compressed and overwhelmed, it means full, fresh and free.  Make room for Him this Christmas and everything else will fit just right!


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