Santa’s rounds

I was thinking about the fact that Santa gets to visit every home in our area in one single night.  What an awesome opportunity and what an incredibly interesting experience that would be!  He would see how we have decorated our homes, the state in which we have left the kitchen before we went to bed, and the preparations we have made for the day to come.  Each of us are so different, we have different traditions and different ways of going about our lives.  If you were Santa and got to visit everyone in one night…what would be the message you would want to leave them with?  Part of me would like to turn all the ornaments upside down and reprogram the channels on everyone’s televisions just for the fun of it but it would be a waste of such a great opportunity. I would rather want to stop and think about what is most important, what would be most helpful for the world at the time we live. 

As I think about it, my heart focuses on that first Christmas and the individual that it found at its centre.  The message I would love every home to hear is that Jesus came to earth to bring hope and connection with God.  Real and lasting peace is available because God is reaching out to you.  My prayer for you is that this Christmas is full of joy and peace but most of all that you find the reality of Jesus who is at the centre of your Christmas.


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