Dig deep!

The first few times it happened there was no problem but slowly and surely the effects began to show.  It started as a tremble, it grew into a shudder, matured into a sway and finally became an awful lurch! There was no way that my fence was going to stay standing when it was copping such abuse. 

The ‘fence abuser’ was not a disgruntled neighbour but my 26 kg dog who, because of his inquisitive and active nature, has taken to launching himself full speed at the fence.  The reason he does this is so that he can have a quick look to see what is happening on the ‘other side’ of the seven foot fence, where I am sure he believes the grass is greener! 

Because my children will not allow me to deal with my dog permanently I am left with one choice…I must strengthen my fence.  To achieve this I have to dig some holes and sink some poles to return the fence to an upright state as well as preparing it for future abuse.  At the beginning of this year this becomes a useful metaphor for us all.  

Jesus calls us ‘wise’ when we come to Him.  He says that we are like a man who is building a house “who dug deep and laid the foundation on the rock.”(Luke 6:48)  When the huge storm comes the house survives because of where it is built!


How is your life going?  Strong and secure or is it like my swaying fence? 

 The best answer I can offer is for you to “dig deep” into all the Lord has to offer you this year!


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