Bee sting

I was walking around with the problem long before the problem struck! 

I was standing at the pier at
Brooklyn recovering from the first half of a bike ride when I felt something move under my shirt.  Without much thought I touched the small moving lump only to be greeted with an excruciating stab of pain.  The bee, which had flown into my shirt during the ride, had decided to strike as I had reached in to see what was crawling around in there.

Bee stings are dangerous things: Some people experience a small reaction (pain and a small mark); others have a mild reaction (ongoing discomfort and an uncomfortable sore); but for a small group of people a bee sting brings on swelling, breathing difficulties and even death. 

I am so glad that I fall into the second category I am also glad that the bee stung me after I had got off of my bike rather than whilst I was riding down the road!  

The Bible speaks of a “sting” that we are all carrying around whether we know it or not.  Sin is the bee and the sting is Death. This is a sting that has only one symptom; 100% of people face it! It is a sting that impacts the way we function in this life and determines our destination for the next. The great news is that Jesus has the power to deal with the bee but also to reverse all of the effects the sting works within us.  

Only when we accept Jesus can we say… “death, where is your sting?”  1 Cor 15:55


One thought on “Bee sting

  1. A number of your briefs showed up in my tag surfer today, and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed reading each one of them! 🙂 I especially like the various analogies you use to convey God’s Truths: as a former publisher’s editor, I really appreciate this aspect of a writer’s talent. You have an abundance.

    Stop by my place for a visit sometime. We share many tags and the Lord in common. 🙂

    Much love in Christ,

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