No connection

There was no voice, no dial-tone, nothing…


I spent six days of last week without a phone line working in my house.  I made a call and then the phone just went dead. I checked the connection, I checked the phone in the other bedroom, then the study and then the internet… yep, and they were all out!

 I spent ten minutes ferreting around in my desk draw to find the number for ‘Telstra difficulties and faults’, walked back to the kitchen and picked up my phone to ring them (this was just before I noticed the flaw in my plan!).   The Telstra technician came and inspected the lines going into the house.  I received a card saying the problem was not on the outside of the house but on the inside.   Three days later another technician came into the house and found that one small wire had become dislodged and so, with a skilful hand, my connection was restored! 

How is your connection with God?  Is it a call you place daily or only once a week?  Is it a service you only utilise at Christmas and Easter or is it reserved only for emergencies? Maybe you have lost your connection altogether and you don’t even know what went wrong.  You might look like you are going really well on the outside but the problem rarely is there. The good news is that there is a skilful hand who can re-establish your connection immediately.   

“My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.”             John 10:27



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