You never know what is going on under the surface…   It started as a small, ½ day tiling job but it soon became apparent that this was going to take some real time and effort to fix.  I lifted the carpet which revealed some water leaking on the floor; tracking the origin I found a leaking shower recess;  removing the grout in the shower caused all of the tiles to fall off; the inner sheeting needed replacing and the water damage needed to be repaired. 

Well… I know what I am doing for the next few evenings!

 Thankfully all of these things can be pretty easily fixed: with the right materials the damage can be reversed and hopefully (if my tiling skills haven’t abandoned me) we will end up with a completed job at least as good as the original.   

We become very skilled at looking good on the outside.  More and more of our focus is upon outward appearance and how others see us.  The problem is that ‘the problem’ is often under the surface and we are not altogether what we appear. On the outside we may seem fine but on the inside there may be critical ‘leaks’ which are causing damage and breakdown.  Unchecked and unrepaired, these will lead to disaster. 

 What we need to do is to have an honest and open check on the inside – how are things going really?

I am glad I know a Master Builder who can make a difference!

 “Turn us back to You, O LORD, and we will be restored”       Lamentations 5:21 


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