It took six years but it finally happened!It took 4 operations but it was finally achieved! Six years and two weeks ago I broke my leg whilst hiking the Milford Track in
New Zealand; last week I finished the task by returning to complete the walk that I thought might never end.
I now have a photo of myself standing on the rock on which the accident took place.  This rock had been a defeat in my life but it was now a point of victory.  I (carefully) stepped down from this rock and continued my journey, enjoying the wonderful views and the incredible environment which surrounded me. Easter is a time when we celebrate a symbol that at first appears as a defeat but in reality becomes the greatest victory that the world has ever seen.  Jesus was nailed to a cross and His life was taken from Him and so this image should fill us with dread and cause us to cower in despair. But the cross is not a picture of defeat because Jesus did not remain in the grave.  On the third day He rose from the dead and displayed His power over sin and death for all.  

The rock on the
Milford track was a painful memory but has now become a tale of victory.  The cross was an instrument of death but it has now become an opportunity for eternal life. 
Don’t let your Easter simply be about chocolate eggs and white rabbits.  Allow the power of the cross to impact you again!


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