In the market

We have all seen the ads, read the write-ups, tried to find out as much information as we can and then, after much deliberation, we make our decision to buy the item.   Every one of us has had the experience where we finally get the object home and we find that in some way it doesn’t live up to what we were expecting: Either the colour is wrong; or it doesn’t work with our other equipment; or it doesn’t do what it says it is going to do; or you find you need to purchase the ‘options package’ just to make it all function.  It is really frustrating and makes you wary of buying anything at all. 

 But every now and then you find that something you buy is even better than you expected.  This happened to me today.  I had been looking at a piece of equipment for a couple of months, I had read the reviews and made my decision but when I finally got my hands on the item it was bigger, better made,  and is going to ‘fit the bill’ even more than I expected.  It restores your confidence that sometimes things can be as good as they seem.   

The Bible says… “Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good” (Psalms 34:8)I have found a few things that have lived up to my expectations but the Lord has well and truly exceeded them all.  You will never know the truth until you give Him an opportunity to prove Himself to you.


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