Conspiracy theory

“It was MI6 that planned the accident…she was becoming a threat to the throne!”


I remember the day after Diana Spencer was killed, in a
Paris car crash, being utterly amazed that the guy serving me my hamburger had already heard and latched onto an almost impossibly bizarre conspiracy theory. The definition of a conspiracy theory is that hiding underneath the obvious, currently held belief, is something sinister and dangerous that some powerful group of people are trying to suppress. Conspiracy theories come in all shapes and sizes…Area 51 in
Roswell Texas, JFK’s assassination, the ‘faked’ moon landing of 1969…all of these point to the idea that we really don’t know what is going on.


We tend to gravitate towards these theories because we realise that even though we know a lot, we don’t know everything and what we don’t know is uncomfortable and it tends to frighten us a little.    


There has been a lot of talk recently and many suggestions of secret codes, hidden meanings, suppressed lies and marvellous intrigue surrounding the person of Jesus.  These stories are filled with terrible deeds and outline the greatest supposed ‘conspiracy’ of all time. Because of this many people start asking questions and start to doubt the established ‘truth’, not realising that the theory they are subscribing to requires greater explanation than the truth they are discarding.


I do not have to defend my personal beliefs about Jesus, I would rather simply introduce Him to you.  He is alive and is still well and truly able of speaking for Himself. 

 Have you spoken to Him recently?


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