Are you listening?

Have you ever noticed how much louder people speak when they are wearing headphones?  We are living in the world of the podcast and headphones have actually become a fashion accessory!  The problem with listening to loud music (whatever your taste) through headphones is that you are cut off from what is going on around you.  Whenever I walk into a music store my kids make a b-line to the headphones on the wall and I always get a laugh out of the fact that I can hear them talking loudly to each other from the other side of the store. See, the problem is, you have to speak louder to compensate because what you have chosen to listen to is affecting your ability to hear anything else. This is why I gave up listening to my ipod whilst riding my pushbike; I could choose some really enjoyable music but what I really need to hear is what is going on around me.  You might not spend a lot of time listening to music but we all select what we will hear.  What we choose to listen to affects what else we will be able to hear.Jesus often said these words… “He who has ears, let Him hear!”  See Jesus understood that listening is an active choice, not simply an automatic response. So my question to you today is… How loudly would God have to speak to get your attention?   Is it possible that He has been speaking but you haven’t been listening?


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