Make an appointment

Have you ever found it hard to make an appointment to catch up with people?  It is not uncommon to find that week after week there is a reason for not getting together.  Whether it is sport in the morning or a dancing concert in the afternoon, it can be quite a chore to work out a time that you can get together. However, I have noticed one thing; if the reason for getting together is significant enough then nothing will stop me making room for it.   

I remember when my wife got bitten by a spider, it didn’t matter how busy I was, that became the priority.  If you gave me tickets to the World Cup Soccer final, no other thing could keep me away from it! But why is it so hard to find a time to mow the lawns and visit my strange cousins?  

Our time is one of the most precious commodities we control and what we do with it impacts the success of our lives and the relationships we are in.  Often we procrastinate about appointments because we really don’t see them as valuable at all. 

Many people have a regular (daily) appointment with God.  They find that allowing Jesus inside their lives is a real benefit.  Others have a very sporadic pattern of communication with Him and tend to make excuses based on their busyness.  Still others do not see its value at all.   

Don’t make the mistake of missing your most important appointment today… He is waiting…what is your excuse?


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