Movie times

Going to the movies used to be a simple decision; it has now become quite an art form!  Firstly, there are so many movies to choose from you have to decide which ones are ‘must see on the big screen’ and which ones can wait 3 months for the DVD to come out.  Then you have to choose your session time, follow this by the confusion of the available popcorn combinations and finally now, you have to choose your seats as well! It always interests me where people like to sit at the movies.  I am a ‘five rows from the back and dead centre of the cinema’ type of guy but for many people this just cut it.  Some like the effect of having the screen right in front of their eyes and so the front row is for them.  Others like the security of the back left hand corner and still others like the convenience of an aisle seat.  

At first I didn’t like having to book my seats before I went to the movies but now I am getting used to it.  It is nice to know that for the session I have finally chosen I can arrive knowing that I am going to get the best seat in the house!   I like that sort of security and there are very few things in this life that you can feel secure about.   I am also glad that I can have that security after this life is over.  Jesus said… “I go to prepare a place for you” John 14:2.Have you got your seat booked?


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