Finding your seat

Excitement and anticipation changed to frustration and disappointment in a matter of seconds!  We had been looking forward for the last few months to our daughter singing at the Opera House with the combined schools choir.  We had booked our seats early and we had managed to get in the 4th row (On the plan of the concert hall they looked like great seats).  We joined the proud parents as we filed in to take our places and then we realised that our great seats could see everywhere expect where our daughter was sitting.  A no time during the performance would we be able to see her.   

I had a choice to make; I could sit quietly and disappoint my self, my wife and my daughter or I could try and change the situation. So I walked over to the other side of the concert hall and started asking people if they would be willing to change seats, explaining the situation.  After a couple of attempts I found a very friendly lady who was in exactly the same predicament on the other side of the concert hall and so we exchanged seats and everyone was happy.  

But the truth is that if I hadn’t asked then nothing would have changed. The Bible says …“You do not have because you do not ask” James 4:2.   I want to encourage you today to ask God for those things you need.  Don’t just sit in your normal life missing the things you were created to enjoy!   Ask Him!


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