At first I didn’t notice any difference but then it became apparent that I was, in fact, forgetting things.  Usually I have a really good memory and spend a good deal of my time ‘multi-tasking’ but on this particular afternoon it just wasn’t working.  I would get up from my desk in order to walk out of my office to do something and before I could get to the door I had forgotten what I stood up to do.  

You see, I was suffering from concussion after coming off my pushbike on the way home from work.  (Five stitches, a lump on the head and a well blackened eye) 

My memory is fine now, or at least I think it is.  Perhaps when you’ve lost your memory you can’t tell??? 

This experience made me think about amnesia and I toyed with the idea of what I would be happy to forget and what I would really like to remember.   

We all have circumstances we would like never to recall:  A bad date; an injury; a hurtful word.  But there are a good many things that I would want to remember: My family; my friends; and my Swiss bank account number!  

I don’t know what you would have on your list of ‘must remembers’ but mine wouldn’t be complete without remembering the Lord and all that He has done for me.   

So today, even if you don’t have a bump on the head…“Remember the Lord, great and awesome” Nehemiah 4:14 


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