Meetings come in different shapes and sizes but there is one meeting a year that is different to the others I attend.  This ‘Annual General Meeting’ has a few formalities which set it apart from the rest. 


Firstly, there is always a vote of thanks for the committee’s efforts, then there are reports presented regarding the previous year but then the really interesting thing happens.

 The chairman ‘vacates’ the ‘chair’ (even though he stays sitting where he is!) and some other official type person ‘declares all positions vacant’.  They then call for nominations as to who will take the positions for the coming year. Usually most people are reappointed and life goes on but occasionally things change and someone new is given a chance to try their hand at one of the roles.  

This got me thinking… imagine what would happen if you held an ‘Annual General Meeting’ in your life.  Just for a moment you declare all positions of authority and influence vacant and you call for nominations.

If you could choose who was going to call the shots; who was going to make the decisions and; who was going to determine the style and attitude in which things are done…who would you choose? 

 Would you reappoint yourself? Or would you be looking to someone else to have a go making something of your life? I have found that I am not much of a ‘chairman’ when it comes to planning and directing my own life. 


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