I had a fun day last Sunday.  As part of our 16th Birthday Celebrations we had a “Go-Kart Challenge”.  Each of the guys had the opportunity to build a go-kart to race down the car park at the community centre.  It was a huge amount of fun watching the traditional and not so traditional designs and how well (and how badly) they all worked.  My go-kart was nothing special but it did last out the day.  It was made of a two wheel delivery trolley.  I connected a seat, added another couple of wheels, a piece of rope to steer with, and off we went!The problem was that the steering wasn’t as responsive as I had hoped.  I desired to go in one direction but my go-kart really had a mind of its own.  Every time I approached an obstacle I knew that it was better not to hit it but my go-kart had a different opinion.  I had to wrestle with it so that it would not put me in a position where I would crash (with all the attached bruising, bleeding, etc). Sometimes I am a bit like my go-kart.  I made a decision long ago to follow the one who is really in the driver’s seat of my life but I often fight against His direction or disagree with what He suggests is best for me. Jesus doesn’t just want to be your Saviour (which is incredible); He wants to be your Lord… He wants to direct your life.  So…who is steering your Go-Kart?


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