Sit down!

“Can’t do Thursday and you said you weren’t available on Friday? … Saturday we have to drop the kids at 3 different events and Sunday is already full!” 

I am having a lot of conversations, just like this one, with my friends and people I work with, as we try to co-ordinate opportunities to do the things we would really like to do. 

We say things like… “We’ll catch up soon!” but we won’t or “It would be great to have dinner!” but we don’t call to book it in.  Have you ever had that embarrassing moment when you run into someone you meant to call and then you realise that it was months ago?

 We live in amazing times with amazing entertainment and recreational possibilities but between these and busy jobs, family life and hobbies, we become ‘over-subscribed’ and without time to do some of the most important things. Men and women were built for relationships;   Relationships with other people but also for relationship with God.

Jesus was visiting two sisters: Mary & Martha. Martha was frantically doing all the work to make sure everything was just right for Jesus but Mary was sitting, spending time with Him. Martha got ticked off and asked Jesus to make Mary do her fair share but Jesus made it clear.  “One thing is essential, and Mary has chosen it!” 

There are many things which we can do, there are many things we want to do, but there are only a few things that are essential.  When was the last time you sat at Jesus’ feet?


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