“No! I want to go that way!”

“No! I want to go that way!” “No! I want to go that way!” This was not an argument between me and someone else…this was a heated conversation I was having with myself as I attempted to steer our house boat up the Hawkesbury River. If you have ever been on a house boat you will know that they are not the most responsive pieces of equipment afloat but they are certainly one of the most relaxing (except perhaps when you are steering!). The problem is that you know where you want to go and you turn in that direction but the boat takes a few moments to respond: By this time you have oversteered and then you have overcorrected and then oversteered once more. If you look behind you notice three things; the zig-zagging of your wake; other boats giving the widest berth imaginable; and the dislodged water skiers! Not everything in life has an immediate response, just like steering a house boat. Some effects come soon after but other effects can take ages to emerge. Those things we learn in school for instance might only become useful when we are much older, or the choice of taking up smoking might only be felt 20 years after the event. But there is one decision that countless people have made that has both immediate and long effects…the decision to invite the Lord Jesus to direct their lives. The best I can do with my life is a winding path leading to destruction – but He knows how to direct us, straight course, for evermore!


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