Two Queens

A couple of days ago I joined in with the impromptu crowds to welcome two
Queens that visited our city.  I had this idea early in the day and it seemed like a good one, but when I got to Manly, to hop on my ferry, I realised that I had the same thought that a lot of other people had…probably more than 100,000 other people!
Throughout the afternoon, more and more people poured into the city awaiting the arrival of the QE2.  They all marched towards the QM2 like an army of ants in search of some new prize. As the time wore on, people started to grab their vantage points to see the great ship take up its mooring at Circular Quay.  Some people had arrived hours before and were angry at the newly arriving crowd taking up ‘their spot’ but still the people moved in. At first, my view was obscured but as I waited, the huge ship came into clear view surrounded by hundreds of other boats all dwarfed by her great size. A massive cheer went up as the vessels sounded their great horns and I realised that everyone could see what they came to see!  They could see because the ships were so big and nothing could obscure the view of someone who wanted to see.   A Great King has entered our city but not everyone is prepared to take a look.  If they would look they would see His greatness, power and love and their lives would be changed…don’t allow your view to remain obscured. Hebrews 12:2 says  “…looking unto Jesus!”     


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